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Ho’oponopono Changed Their Lives

Thank you Mabel for your email.

I am a wizard now. I can do magic things. People and animals came to me to heal them. Today a dog came directly under my chair and when I left, he left too. I was cleaning with my thoughts about him all the time and I touched his head. In the afternoon a co-worker came in my space and I put my hands arround her head and she felt better, and i took the head each to another co-worker twice, with my hands, breathing and thoughts of cleaning.

And I have a lot of more stories about the people whom I cleaned with my thoughts. I keep cleaning and I use almost all the tools you gave me. Fly paper is one of the most used ones. I notice people don't remember things I still remember. Fly paper is deleting almost everything.

I don't have anymore back pain crisis, no more cervical spondylosis, and I use my eyes muscles to see now. I gave up my glasses after 26 years. I read spirituality now and all makes sense to me now.

Thank you Mabel, it's amazing.

Love you

In Mabel’s office, we receive between 50 and 60 calls per day, from people in desperate need of help. As a practitioner of Ho’oponopono, I take each call as an opportunity to ask my self this question; what is going on in me, that these people are experiencing… stress, depression, financial problems, as well as mental and physical problems. While they are telling me their situations, mentally I use the tools that I have learned through the Trainings, or by Inspiration. I tell them, depending on each case, what they can do.

I have all kinds of testimonies of how people’s life have changed by using some of the simple tools that Mabel recommends in her program, for example, the preparation of Blue Solar Water.  One case in particular got my attention, and I would love to share it with you.

One of the calls I received from Los Angeles was from Telma M. de Leon, a mother that wanted to learn more about the use of these tools, and what she could do to help herself and her 7 yr. old daughter Giselle. Giselle was born with “autism”, and as you know; most children with this “impediment” are very down on themselves. They do not show or express any kind of emotion, and Giselle was one of those children.  Telma started to drink Blue Solar Water and also pour the Blue Solar Water in her daughter’s juices. She also bathed her with it, while continuing to talk to her daughter while she was asleep, constantly telling her how grateful she was  for her being in her life, and how much she was truly loved.

In just two weeks, Telma called me to let me know how her daughter Giselle was allowing her and her husband to get closer to her.  Telma and their home environment felt at peace, regardless of what was going on.

Telma was so happy with what she was experiencing, that she recommended her friends and family who live in her native country of Guatemala to read Mabel’s book “El Camino Más Fácil” (The Easiest Way).

Telma’s mother, Venancia Morales, 72 yrs. Old, also started drinking the Blue Solar Water to help her with her physical condition. She went back to Guatemala, bringing with her what she learned in one of Mabel’s conferences.  Telma has a sister in Guatemala, who takes care of 38 children with different physical and mental conditions. Just as Telma had done, she started giving the children Blue Solar Water, as well as sprinkling Blue Corn Meal(which is another tool)  on their food, and in their drinks.  Telma’s sister called, and was so excited because, as the result of her giving the Blue Solar Water to her children, they were calmer and they went to sleep ease.

This is only one story out of so many that I have and continue to happily hear of how people’s  life’s can be better, by taking 100%  responsibility and letting go, allowing God to do his part, It’s just awesome!

~Cielo Millstein, Agoura Hills, California, U.S.A.

Thank you, thank you very much!
Your information are very helpful for me. I want and I feel that I have to do Ho'oponopono, and I want to do it in a right way. I want to reveal something to you: since I do Ho'oponopono (5 - 6 days) I do not have any panic attacks and my anxiety is almost gone. After many months of battle with my anxiety, is incredible what peace I have inside me now. I can hardly believe that.
I will continue to do the non-stop cleansing (well, I wish to be non-stop, but when I work I can't use the tools all the time, because my job is to write at the computer and I have to concentrate on what I am doing). But: for 3 days now I drink only solar water (at the computer too), I put paper note with "I love you" (in romanian) on the computer, on the blue bottle and I intend to make a beads pendant, bracelet or keyring with "I love you" inscription and to wear it all the time.

~ Angela - Romania

Four years ago a client went to purchase a girdle, (specialized female wear shop) she noticed sadness on Lucia’s face, she asked what was making her so unhappy, Lucia proceed to tell her client her problems. 
The client invited Lucia to come to her home and drink tea, and also to recommend her a book that had helped her to find answers to her problems.
Lucia went to her client’s home, the tea that she offered was the Sun Tea, and Spring tea, she felt very overwhelming with emotions, couldn’t stop crying. The client also recommended to purchase a blue bottle, gave her instructions on the blue solar water preparation. Before she left, the client gave Lucia the Easiest way book in Spanish, and also Mabel’s assistance phone number, so she was able to purchase the teas that her client have giving her.  Lucia couldn’t way to read this book, she read it and read it few times. Immediately she started to do the tools recommended in the book. 
Lucia called me letting me know how the Ho’oponopono tools have helped her to heal the emotional pain caused by a long relationship that she thought it will last forever. Beside drinking the blue solar water, the Sun tea, spring tea, she uses the blue corn meal to cleanse her home, she share with me feeling total peace.
She share with me that when she drinks and bathed the sun tea, she fells a radiant shield
covering her.

~ Lucia Luna - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Mabel,  I have been through some of your teleseminars and asked questions on them and email you personally. You even directed me to Marvin at one point. Of course my "problem" to clean has money. I have really learned there is no out there and about taking responsibility for everything. To me it seems the mope I looked for a job the worse the economy became, until an usual set of circumstance lead to get my now perfect job which I love and as you say in your talks doesn't even seem like work at all.

My point is that it seems that I am responsible to the economy otherwise I would have never found this job.

Thank you
I Love You

~ Sean

Last week I was surfing the web looking for more information on Ho'oponopno.  I came across the pre seminar offer and since it was only US$5 I decided to listen to see if I liked what Mabel had to say. 

I am a lecturer, world traveler, medium and psychic. I teach students around the world about spirituality and how to tap into their intuition.  I have heard almost (but not quite) everything on the subject of personal process and spirituality.  However.......recently I have found myself facing troubled waters.  I have a store, a spiritual center, an internet business and I lecture and see personal clients.  The rough financial times have worn me out and old hurts (I thought I was long past) have resurfaced.  So here I am, the wounded guru limping along and so tired I really did not think I am actually helping anyone!

Now you have the picture.  I listen the preview and clicked the button.  After about 5 minutes I began to multitask, listening and working on my internet store.  I wish to make the point that my conscious brain was not listening but my soul was.  I snapped to attention when Mabel was talking about putting fears in a room and turning on the light.  Although I thought (stress think) that it was simplistic, my soul shoveled all my fears, financial, spiritual, personal into that room and flicked on the light.  I felt so free of all of the things that had been weighing me down.  I sat for a minute and just smiled.

Right after listening I made a call and resolved a long time negative relationship, I contacted some vendors and quite easily arranged terms on a debt that had been a great burden to me and I realized that by thinking that my store was not doing well I had made it an uncomfortable place for my customers, so I took out a small ad with the little money I had and last Saturday we had the biggest money day in our 7 year history!  Not only that but orders began pouring into my internet store so I could afford to sign up for the 4 week teleconference!

I have walked many spiritual paths but this has been truly amazing!

Thank you Mabel!!

Blessings and Love,

~ Amy

Money just found me!

This 's how the story goes: A lady from the UBS called my mother at 8am today, asking if she was a relative of mine (we have the same last name, not a very common one here in Switzerland). She explained that she had been looking for me for at least 5 years, that I have a UBS account that hasn't shown any activity for a decade - and that I please call her.
That's what I did, and guess what? It's about an account I established in 1985, and there's still money on it. Actually, some 4'000US$... AND THAT MONEY FOUND ME TODAY. Isn't that amazing?!! I didn't even know that this account existed, and when calling the lady I didn't expect that there was money in that account.

Again, and again and again: The healing work you are spreding in the world, that is God's gift to you, is such an incredible gift to the world!

Not only that, but I'm able to become more and more a catalyst for MY clients by doing the cleaning on myself - I have received an incredible testimonial on my website. A client of mine in debts you can't imagine (had several properties, houses etc. she couldn't sell, mother of 3, credit card debts etc.) was able to sell one of her houses after only ONE session with me, and within 10 days, and that in today's economy and in the actual real estate market of the US. - I am personally blessed by the healing work as well!

I did a lot of cleaning, and what I learned from Ho'oponopono and especially from you: NO EXPECTATIONS. There are so many ways how money can come in - once we do the cleaning work...

Thank you God, and thank you Mabel!

Much love and light to you,

~ Heike, Switzerland

Thank you so much for the series, Mabel. I have experienced a major shift within and I am so grateful!

I'm actually putting my passion into action.

~ Donna

"I felt so loved and nurtured by Mabel's beautiful voice, wisdom and energy."

~ Christi E., Dayton, Ohio, United States

"When Mabel shared this, I felt something in my body and being immediately shift. I am so grateful for this awareness and healing."

~ C. Huynh, Los Angeles, California, United States

You and Dr. Ihaleakalá are teaching the "how to" to experience what we all are seeking and the way to experience the life that we all are seeking. I know of no one who lives life as it was intended to be lived and is more honest about what that entails than Dr. Ihaleakalá, and I know of no one who is living and teaching this way of life more effectively that YOU Mabel.!

~ Jimmy


Keep doing what you are doing it's helping me become a better person.

~ Denise

I am absolutely excellent. I thank you for the teleseminars.
I listen to them all the time.  I use all the cleaning tools as much as
I can. My energy is always high. I love you.

~ Hazel

 Mabel, I salute the divinity in you!

Thank you for another beautiful class. I felt very much in tune with you and was able to perceive how you put your heart and soul into your teachings.
You are here with us, yet many light years ahead of us , so willing to impart your knowledge so lovingly. Again GRACIAS!

~ Hilda

Dear Mabel,

I would like to say thank you for your help out in the call tonight. This experience was able to give me insight into how I had missed out on many experiences in my life because of the choices that I made when I was younger. A big cry helped to clear some of the old and allow in some new.

I think you have a wonderful human approach which is lovely to listen to, and I hope that in my communication I can one day create a similar warmth.

~ Helen

Thank you for being such a beacon of light to me and everyone (o: I truly feel like I've been prepared all these years to be able to receive the knowledge of the Ho'oponopono process.  I love that's it's so simple.  And I love that I'm 100% responsible.  It brings me hope!  Everything I've learned about everything has come together for me in this one system, the Ho'oponopono.  I am deeply grateful!

~ Christina

Just want to say a big THANK YOU for an amazing call! wow wow wow wow wow. Beloved Mabel, I am so grateful! Joanie....thanks for all you do! This was SUCH a deepening for me.

~ Chansonette

Thank you for all the calls.  I felt I learned so much and grown so much in the last 2 months since I been working with you and know slowly starting to understand what does peace mean.  I'm blown away by all the magic everyday in my life and forever grateful for all your help.

~ Winnielee