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Monthly Ho'oponopono Q&A Telewebcast

Every month, Mabel answers your questions and shows you
The Easiest Way of living the life of your dreams.


Recorded on Thursday, May 28th, 2015

1 pm Los Angeles - 4 pm New York

The Topic of this month:

Spirituality and Science


Will you believe it when you see it?

“Imagination is more Important than Knowledge” – Albert Einstein

When you “see” your memories, you are seeing them on a screen in your mind.
That screen is on the spiritual realm.

Whatever plays on the screen, determines your current experience.

Why would you keep watching the same, old, bad movies?

Believing has the biggest impact on brain and health function.

Your abundance, wellness and happiness depend on it.



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What is Ho'oponopono?
It is about how you can be at peace no matter what is going on around you.

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Ho'oponopono is about how you can be at peace no matter what 
is going on around you.

Letter's Mabel

Monthly Ho'oponopono Q&A Telewebcas

Participate from ANYWHERE in the World!

You can call from anywhere through the phone or Skype (free with Skype ID joinconference) or on the Web,
and if you can't make the date, you may still submit your questions and listen to the recording later.

Read what people that participated in Q&As said

Hi Mabel
How are you?
I really loved the last Q&A call. It was very interesting and it really got to me about the worrying, thinking, etc.
I am so happy you are coming more often to Israel
More people are cleaning in Israel and that can be only good
I send you love and light.
I love your calls Mabel and am grateful for what you do in the world.
Love, Daphna
I love you
Thank you

~ Daphna, Israel

Thank you all for your messages here in the forum. I feel right at home already!
And Mabel thank you for the Q & A teleclass it has giving me the opportunity to clean, and to remind myself to keep cleaning! I let go. Thanks for being a mirror of peace.

~Stephan, Holland

Thank you again for asking my questions Mirta, and Mabel for answering them. I have listened to the program many times, and say that cleaning has certainly been a Godsend in my life, just looking this past year - my God, the things that happened - my 87 old father with blood poisoning and heart in emergency - doing well.... My working 10 hour days full time - the driving home so tired and cleaning - well after two classes ago, and asking about working - things changed - I laid myself off from the job - and looking after stepfather as caregiver now - the relationship with my dear Mother more understanding - even going on a HOLIDAY this year after how many years - them taking me, and enjoying San Diego - the relationship stepping back from a man I've loved so deeply who is or was attached to someone else still. And my own peace, and understanding - a flight home that was scary in the snowstorm - many things in between as well, so many I am not EVEN aware of I'm sure. Blessed be You, and thank You. Love

~Laara, Canada

Thank you Mabel!!!! I love you. Just a quick update on what's happening with my case as I was starting to clear a lot of the things pretty much right after I wrote my question to you earlier for the Q&A and I was finally able to slowly switch my energy and remove my resistance to it. I was pretty much in an instant able to manifest 3 items that had been bugging me. I was only able to do this when I really started to let go! Before I did that, I did try to do everything within my power from seeking help from others around me, etc. The moment I said I'm done with this and switch my energy to something else is when the magic happened. It was so amazing to watch and I really got the message!

Btw, the last time I asked for help about money I actually got an email back from the lady that owes me money recently saying she'll pay me in August. That will be amazing when it happens. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again Mabel! I love you.

~Wendy, Canada

Mabel, you always say exactly what I need to hear. You are simply amazing!! Thank you, thank you!

~Bruce, Australia

Mabel, lovely to connect with you and Mirta. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.

~Jo, England